Book review of Specialised English: New Directions in ESP and EAP Research and Practice


The field of specialized English has expanded on an unprecedented scale. We have already seen that there is a plethora of research articles in specialized top journals like Journal of English for Academic Purposes and English for Specific Purposes, as well as influential volumes and handbooks: in English for Specific Purposes (ESP), publications like The Handbook of English for Specific Purposes edited by Paltridge and Starfield (2013), Introducing English for Specific Purposes by Anthony (2018); in English for Academic Purposes (EAP), publications such as the seminal collection Research Perspectives on English for Academic Purposes edited by Flowerdew and Peacock (2001), Introducing English for Academic Purposes by Charles and Pecorari (2016), and The Routledge Handbook of English for Academic Purposes edited by Hyland and Shaw (2016).The field, however, is moving so fast that many researchers and practitioners are unable to keep current with its developments and trends. Hyland and Wong’s volume, therefore, seeks to contribute to the evolving and dynamic scholarship of specialized English by gathering cutting-edge chapters on current and international perspectives on specific varieties of English. It covers a wide range of recent issues of EAP and ESP, such as English as a lingua franca, workplace English, academic interaction, practitioner identity, data-driven learning, and critical thinking. In addition, diverse genres are included, among others, research articles, workplace talks, university tutorials, builders' diaries, and personal statements.

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Gang Yao
Gang Yao

My research interests include corpus linguistics, Spanish as a Foreign Language, and academic discourse.