Book review of Metadiscourse in Digital Communication: New Research, Approaches and Methodologies


The past four decades or so have witnessed burgeoning research on metadiscourse due to its growing role in the fields of discourse analysis, pragmatics and language teaching. Nonetheless, most of the research work in the field revolves around the written academic genre (Hyland, 2017; D’Angelo & Consonni, 2021). Very few studies have so far attempted to explore less well-trodden areas such as digital communication genres, although there is a strong and growing interest in how people develop meaning-making in a digital environment (D’Angelo & Consonni, 2021). The volume under review, Metadiscourse in Digital Communication, edited by Larissa D’Angelo, Anna Mauranen & Stefania Maci, is thus considered a timely response to this “new wave” (D’Angelo & Consonni, 2021, p. 24) of metadiscourse studies.

Gang Yao
Gang Yao

My research interests include corpus linguistics, Spanish as a Foreign Language, and academic discourse.