Book review of Corpus analysis in different genres: Academic discourse and learner corpora


There has been a growing interest in academic and learner discourse over the last few decades. This burgeoning area of research has witnessed a boom and a diversification of methodological approaches, among which Corpus Linguistics stands out thanks to its advantage of allowing researchers to handle large volumes of authentic linguistic data. The fruitful combination of Corpus Linguistics and Discourse Analysis is being applied to more specific environments and communicative situations. While there are countless research articles of this kind published in top peer-reviewed journals such as Journal of English for Academic Purposes and International Journal of Learner Corpus Research, few scholarly books deal with this aspect, with some notable exceptions (e.g., Charles, Pecorari & Hunston, 2009; Römer, Cortes & Friginal, 2020). Corpus Analysis in Different Genres: Academic Discourse and Learner Corpora, edited by María Luisa Carrió-Pastor, is thus a timely collection that brings together diverse contributions focused on the application of the corpus methodology to academic discourse and learner discourse analysis.

Gang Yao
Gang Yao

My research interests include corpus linguistics, Spanish as a Foreign Language, and academic discourse.