Resources for English learning and teaching

This post provides several online and offline tools, which should be of great use to English learners and teachers alike.

1. Perfecting your English through a “corpus of Youtube”: Youglish

Youglish consists of more than 30 million Youtube tracks with which you can listen to, imitate, and improve your pronunciation. Aparte from English language (different accents can be selected!), it supports other languages, such as French, Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese. Advance search (such as part-of-speech, gender, topic search) is also available.


2. Enhancing your English writing skill with a “concordancer-like” app: Writefull

Writefull is a google-based writing assistant app that provides you with many ‘real’ sentences from Google source1, so that you can check your sentences against them. It also support Chrome extension so you can check your online text. It is really helpful when you are not sure whether or not your writing is appropriate. Sadly, this app does not support part-of-speech search at the present time. Currently the developers of the app is building another version of Writefull, which is pretty similar to Grammarly. With this, you can paste your entire text into the app (instead of typing words or phrases in the app to examine the appropriateness) and it will give you feedback instantly.

Similar websites that I use frequently are:

Finally, I would like to share a quote by Chinese professor of English Ge (1981: 77) in Hints for learners of English. In this book, he proposed a “foolish” principle of composition:

you should use no construction, no form of expression, and no combination of words, that you have not seen in your reading.

  1. NB: This app does not work well in some countries and regions where the Google services cannot be used. ↩︎

Gang Yao
Gang Yao
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