Recent & Upcoming Talks

How do Chinese students of Spanish use reporting verbs in their master’s thesis? A concordance-based analysis

The aim of the present study was to illustrate the way in which Chinese students of Spanish used reporting verbs in their master’s thesis, by building on the pioneering work of Hyland (2002) and Charles (2006).

Collocates of immigrant across three corpora: Exploratory view

In this group presentation, we used Sketch Engine to visualize the collocates of immigrant words across three language corpora.

Corpus-driven Approach to Lexical Semantic Change: A Case Study

The present study seeks to understand and explain why and how semantic change of the words English migrant and Spanish migrante happens.

El Aprendizaje del Vocabulario mediante Data-driven Learning en un Contexto de Español como Lengua Extranjera

The talk presents an explotory research on the application of DDL to Spanish vocabulary learning in China setting.