Some resources for English learning [Keep updating]

  1. Perfecting your English through a “corpus of Youtube”: Youglish Youglish consists of more than 30 million Youtube tracks with which you can listen to, imitate, and improve your pronunciation. Aparte from English language (different accents can be selected!), it supports other languages, such as French, Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese. Advance search (such as part-of-speech, gender, topic search) is also available. Visit YouGlish.com
  2. Enhancing your English writing skill with a “concordancer-like” app: Writefull Writefull is a google-based writing assistant app that provides you with many ‘real’ sentences from Google source1, so that you can check your sentences against them.

Dependency parser visualization - Rendering html to an image (TEST)

  1. spaCy spaCy is an open-source software library for advanced Natural Language Processing (NLP). As the website introduces, it is a tool of “Industrial-Strength Natural Language Processing in Python”. Its fast speed and many more extraordinary features and extenions make it more and more popular among researchers. To install spaCy, you could refer to the Documentation of spaCy for a step-by-step instruction. Here I would like to demonstrate how to visualize the dependency relationship of a sentence by using dependency parser of spaCy:

Some thoughts of statistical tests

  1. Common statistical tests are linear models A post by Jonas Kristoffer Lindeløv points out most of the common statistical tests are actually linear models (at least are special cases or very close). With this idea in mind, teaching and learning those statistical tests becomes easier. The author summarized all these statistical models into a very nice and clear table, which is shown as follows (to be updated):